Whether your work is design-build or design interiors, I believe we have similar ambitions for celebrating space. Form and function must work together in a photograph by accentuating clean lines, balancing natural and controlled lighting, and amplifying the dimensions of the property. With vibrant colours and the airiness of light, my architectural photographs enrich a property's key focal points and evoke positive sentiment. 

As a professional photographer working closely with architects, designers, and decorators, I have realized the potential of new and redeveloped properties in the lower mainland by adding value to vision. Photographs are used in a variety of ways, including portfolios, selling real estate, tracking development timelines, or simply documenting your hard work. 

I'm very pleased to have won awards for my clients and myself, including a 2013 Best of Design Photography on and a 2010 Georgie Award®. Please contact me for additional information or a current price sheet. Let's collaborate!



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In 2010, Averra Developments, a locally owned green design-build company and I collaborated on a project to transform a City of Vancouver Heritage Home. The pinnacle of this partnership was winning a prestigious Georgie Award®. This award adds significant value and visibility to the company. Their modest photography investment paid dividends. 

With the City of Vancouver, intent on making the city the world's greenest by 2020, I'm sure that Averra will continue to be successful and I'm proud to represent their work with my photography.



A property in the Cedar Cottage area (Kingsway & 19th) was redeveloped. Instead of one single family home, the property's density was increased to include two structures - one primary building and one coach house - with the area in-between becoming a small enclosed backyard perfect for relaxing or watching children at play. I photographed both structures which included three residential units. The photographs were used by the developer to sell the home and for documentation of the project.

In December 2010, a newly developed East Vancouver property was about to come online. The finishing touch was a green roof over top the garage. Less than two years later, I revisited the green roof. This time I was accompanied by Tania of Green Elevations, the architect of the elevated garden. In that time, the landscaping has filled in nicely. It will continue to do so with the most minimal supervision. 

As the developer said: "the backdrop of the old houses surrounding it is cool too, makes me realize this lane is a bit of a fishbowl which means everyone gets to enjoy the aesthetics of the green roof which is pretty neat." The homeowner feels the same. From the master bedroom, the view of the garden is like a painting that evolves. Definitely, pretty neat!